GSS recruits qualified and bonafide candidates for the following renewable energy functional specializations:

• President, C-Suite, CxO’s
• Sales (Energy Background)
• Senior VP and VP
• Directors / GM’s
• Bio-fuel
• Control Systems
• System Design
• Construction Managers
• Energy Auditors
• Engineering Managers
• Geothermal
• Hydrologists
• Manufacturing
• Mechanical Engineers
• Modelers
• Product Development
• Project Managers
• Quality Assurance
• Solar / Wind R&D
• Semiconductor Processors
• Smart Grid
• Solar Panel
• Structural Engineers
• Plant Managers
• Alternative Energy Marketing
• Wind Turbine
• Wind Energy

CANDIDATES: If you are a candidate looking for career opportunities in the renewable energy field, we invite you to get in touch with us via our website. Our submission process allows you to both import your resume into our active database as well as provide us with additional details regarding your background and career search preferences…thus allowing us to better match you to the right career opportunity. And you can rest assured that profiles are individually reviewed for new positions on an ongoing basis.

GSS recruits for leadership roles in the following additional specializations:
• Accounting / Finance
• Engineering
• Healthcare
• Human Resources
• Information Technology / Systems
• Legal
• Management
• Manufacturing
• VP Sales

Mainly US based positions and can accommodate overseas contractors, as well. US Citizenship required.